47th Annual International Goodwill Karate-Do Championships (UPDATE)

Hello Genbu-Kai Members,
Please read this entire message about the upcoming tournament and events for February 2018.

UPDATE 2018-January-10: Added a new form for Karate Competition Registration for Special Needs Competitors.

  1. Thank you in advance for printing, sharing, and forwarding this information to your students, other fellow Genbu-Kai members, and outside groups as appropriate.
  2. Please tell your contacts to make sure to get their registration info in as early as possible. This is of enormous help in organizing the events.
  3. Please tell your contacts that they should not paper-mail in their forms and money any later than February 7th, as delays in paper-mail can cause problems. Tell them to e-mail in their forms to my e-mail address suen@hollencrest.com and be prepared to pay on arrival. Please explain to schools that have in the past waited to bring extensive lists of competitors on the Saturday or Sunday of the event weekend that we would prefer that they e-mail in their information in advance and pay on arrival. Please help them get their information early so they will have a more enjoyable experience on competition day.
  4. Pre-registration dates are the day before competition. For Karate pre-registration, it must be in by Saturday the 17th of February. And for Batto-Do and Kobudo pre-registration, they must be in by Friday the 16th of February.
  5. Attached are the following downloadable files (PDF). Please print, forward, or otherwise distribute to appropriate participants as indicated.
    1. Schedule of Events – this is mostly for instructors and other persons who are or will be assisting others.
    2. Flier – please note that the entry gates for participants, spectators, and vendors at the OC Fair and Events Center will be 1, 2, and 3 – NOT gate 8 as in prior years.
    3. Karate Competition Registration Form – again, please e-mail in forms, especially if it is after February 7th, and be prepared to pay on arrival.
    4. Kobudo Competition Registration Form
    5. Batto-Do Competition Registration Form
    6. Genbu-Kai Black Belt Kata Seminar Form – Black Belts, please read this form carefully. It covers both the seminar and the following dinner on Thursday the 15th.
    7. Genbu-Kai Student Seminar Registration Form – this form is for our organization students, and covers the seminars for Friday and Saturday.
    8. Outside Group Student Seminar Registration Form – this form is for students from other organizations, and covers the seminars on Saturday.
    9. Hotel Information – special rate information at the Best Western Meridian Hotel – special rates good for reservations made by 1/12/18.
    10. Karate Competition Rules
    11. Kobudo Competition Rules
    12. Batto-Do Competition Rules
    13. Special Needs Karate Kata Competition Registration Form (added 2018-January-10) – for competitors who have Special Needs. Please send in any questions regarding competition in one of these divisions as soon as possible.

Again, thank you in advance for all of your help. Please distribute this information and these materials as thoroughly as you can. Please let us know if any questions come up.