Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai Dojo Flooding Damage

Front window of Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai dojo sign

From Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai Fundraising page (via Facebook):

3-4 ft of flooding damage

Please help us raise money in rebuilding the Genbu-Kai new castle dojo. As we experienced a devastating flood of 4 feet inside as all our stuff was floating around. We lost years of stuff. Mats are ruined. Weapons are ruined. Boxes of t-shirts, desks,furniture etc that has been around for a long time. It’s all gone. Help us so we can get the business up and running ASAP for all the younger kids and students!

Pictures from Demura Sensei:

Picture of Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai flooded

Picture of Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai's office flooded

Picture of Pennsylvania Genbu-Kai's equipment and boxes flooded