New Genbu-Kai HQ Honbu Dojo

Interior of Genbu-Kai Honbu Dojo

As you all know, Sensei Demura has worked very hard over the last couple of years to find our new Honbu Dojo. You may have heard that he has indeed found the new building and very soon it will be ready for us to move into it.

Now here’s an especially exciting part – there’s a way for each of us to contribute to our new dojo in a way that will be very meaningful. The old mats we trained on for so many years were just too worn out to be moved to the new dojo. If we all donate toward the cost of buying new mats, it will be such an amazing reflection of the spirit of our Genbu-Kai members and organization, and it will help start off our new dojo being filled with that spirit.

There are a two ways to contribute:
1. You can mail a check made out to:

Fumio Demura

1305 W Marcella Lane

Santa Ana, CA 92706
2. We have a special online donation page. It is easy and fast.

Download this flier, which contained all the info about the new Honbu Dojo that you can print, forward, and share.

Please share this very happy news with all of your fellow Genbu-Kai members – and please encourage them to contribute their spirit and their donations to our wonderful new Honbu Dojo! As always, thank you so much for all of your support and effort – you are the spirit of Genbu-Kai!

Sue N.

Exterior of the new Genbu-Kai Honbu Dojo
Exterior of the new Genbu-Kai Honbu Dojo