Sensei’s Visit to Salt Lake City for Fundraising

Sensei Fumio Demura and Ariel Garcia

On September 24th, 2016, Sensei was in Salt Lake City, Utah to introduce his film, “The Real Miyagi”. He was also there to raise money where the proceeds from the film will help a young girl from Utah by the named of Ariel Garcia, who was born with autism and tuberculosis.

KUTV News did a story on Sensei’s visit for an interview.

(KUTV) Karate master Fumio Demura was in Salt Lake City this evening.

He helped introduce a new film about his life, called “The Real Miyagi.”

Demura has dedicated his life to karate and served as a stunt double in the Karate Kid movies. He said martial arts is about much more than fighting.

Proceeds from the film will help Ariel Garcia, a young Utah girl who was born with autism and tuberous sclerosis.