Important Information for Genbu-Kai California Members

Greetings, Genbu-Kai California Members!

Several events are coming up over the next couple of months. Here’s a lot of important information and attachments for you to read, and things for you to get ready for.

Interdojo Tournament

The Interdojo Tournament is coming up on Sunday, November 6th at the Costa Mesa Rec Center Gym. You can download the following files:

Note: Tournament pre-registration is due by Friday, November 4th.

Also attached is a shirt order form. Please get orders in to Sensei by Sunday, October 16th.

“Grand Opening” of New Dojo Location

Sensei is having a “grand opening” for the new Santa Ana dojo location on Saturday, November 5th. Attached is a flier for you to share with others so we can get a big turnout.

2016 Awards Banquet

The 2016 Awards Banquet will be on Saturday, November 19th, at our usual restaurant, Angelo’s and Vinci’s. Attached is a registration form. Please send Sensei Demura your forms and fees as soon as possible – preferably by Tuesday, November 1st.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Please share this info and these forms with your fellow Genbu-Kai members! See you there!