Black Belt Kata Seminar

Black Belt seminar for 3rd dan and above

Black Belt kata seminar for Genbu-Kai & Rengo-Kai Black Belts was held for the last time at the Santa Ana dojo on Thursday February 18, 2016.

This is the front entrance of Demura Sensei’s Dojo in Santa Ana, California.

Front entrance of the Genbu-Kai's Santa Ana dojo

The Santa Ana Dojo stood in this location since the mid-1960’s, and soon it will be demolished to make way to widen the road. While the Dojo will be moving to another building with more modern amenities soon, the spirit of the old Santa Ana Dojo remains for those of us who were fortunate enough to train there. We left our sweat and blood in that old tatami floor, and we took with us memories that are still as vivid as the day they were made. For many of us, Demura Sensei’s Santa Ana Dojo is indeed a special place.