45th Annual International Goodwill

Thank you for being patient, and thank you in advance for your help in getting all of this information and all of these forms to everyone!

Please read the following information and attached forms carefully. There are some changes from how we have done things in the past, but it is all very exciting!

First, remember that this will probably be the last time some of you get to train at the wonderful Santa Ana Dojo. You won’t want to miss this opportunity. Second, this year the Saturday and Sunday events will be held at the Orange County Fair & Event Center. It is a great facility and we will have plenty of room and we won’t have to worry about the rain. We hope everybody will get excited about this new venue. It does cost $8 to park each day at the fairgrounds, but the benefits are worth it. Finally, we are offering several different kinds of deal opportunities for people who want to sign up for many events and save money. The deal pages include detailed daily schedules of events, so these pages will be useful in many ways.

Again, please look through the attached forms carefully. We know it is a lot of information, and we really appreciate all of your support and help as we get ready for the best Goodwill February Events ever!

Special Deals for Genbu-Kai
Genbu-Kai Black Belts
Genbu-Kai Friday – Sunday
Genbu-Kai Saturday – Sunday
Special Deals for Outside Students
Non Genbu-Kai Saturday – Sunday
Seminars Registration Forms
Genbu-Kai Black Belt Kata (Thursday)
Genbu-Kai Members (Friday – Saturday)
Outside Group Members (Saturday)
Tournament Registration Forms
Kobudo (Weapons) Competition
Batto (Sword) Competition
Karate Competition
Tournament Venue
OC Fair & Event Center Map
Flier & Map
Travel & Entertainment Information

Updated January 25, 2016