2016 Kangeiko Beach Workouts – Photos

2016 Kangeiko at Huntington Beach

Every year on the first Sunday of the New Year, students from various CA‘s Genbu-Kai dojos get together for Kangeiko beach workouts.

About 80 students showed up on January 3, 2016 at Huntington Beach. Fun games were played.

Kibasen (Cavalry Fight/Battle)
This game consisted for teams of four players. The way it works is this: three people stand in a triangular formation, facing the same way, and hold hands. This enables the fourth member to perch on the back of the front player with his feet supported by the other hands. All riders wear a hat. The aim is for each group to charge (aka attack) towards the other and for the rider to grab and remove an opponent rider’s hat thus eliminating that team from the game.
Demura Sensei broke the teams into two groups according color of hat, Orange Group and Hot Pink Group. Winner of Kibasen was Sean Demura’s team.
For this game, Demura Sensei had everyone played. Sumo tests balance, strength, coordination, and speed. Primarily it is a test of balance and having an effective base and stance.
Two students are selected. They stand in a good stance facing each other and grabbing each others’ shoulders. They are to attempt to off-balance the other, either making the other drop to one knee or be swept onto his back on the mat. Or if one student is pushed out of its border, then he’s out.
One Point Sparring in Water
For this game, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Two students face each other for a 1 point sparring match in the water. (Huntington Beach had little big waves that morning!)

Everyone had a lot of fun. Good times!

Below is photos taken on January 3, 2016 at Huntington Beach.